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Objections regarding Pexes new seniorty list dated 20/10/2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


1. Secretary, 4. CEO
MIB(BAP Section) Prasar Bharati
ShastriBhavan PB Secretariat
NewDelhi PTI Building, New Delhi

2. Secretary, 5. DG,
UPSC Doordarshan
Dholpur House, Mandi House
Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-
New Delhi-

3. Member (Personnel) 6..DG:AIR,
Prasar Bharati Akashwani Bhawan
PTI Building New Delhi-110001.
New Delhi-110001

Sub: Objections regarding serious illegalities and frauds in draft seniority list of Programme Executives/Staff Artistes No. 9/1/2010-SI(B) dated 20.10.2010 .


1. It is on record that following the directions of the J&K High Court in Mohd Ashraf Lone vs UOI(WP No.1261/1991) , the UPSC has conducted a review DPC on 10.6.2002 promoting Programme Executives and Staff Artists to Class I Posts for the period 1982 to 1989/1990.

2. Following the Ashraf Lone review DPC, the seniority lists of both Programme Executives and the Staff Artists would have to be revised w.e.f.1990 onwards. This is also a stated position of DG:AIR, the Ministry of I&B and the UPSC as per records, some of which have been obtained under RTI.

3. However, in spite of this stated position, no seniority lists of Pexs and Staff Artists have been revised /published by the DG:AIR and the Ministry to further conduct correct DPCs featuring only eligible persons. Instead, DG:AIR and the Ministry have been knowingly promoting non eligible persons by creating self styled eligibility/seniority lists without taking into cognizance the review DPC conducted by the UPSC for the period 1982-1990 in which even the current DG,AIR Ms. Noreen Naqvi and all other DDG’s feature. .It is a different matter, that in the review DPC of Ashraf Lone case, several frauds were committed which will be taken up separately.

4. DDG(A), Sh. Raj Kamal in his note dated No.32013/02/2008-SI(A) to the Ministry on 4.4.2009 has correctly recorded that the outcome of the Ashraf Lone review DPC has a direct bearing on subsequent Review DPCs to be held w.e.f.1990 from the cadre of Programme Executive to the JTS Grade of IB(P)S for which contempt cases are pending.

5. As can be seen from the minutes of the inter departmental meeting held by UPSC with the Ministry of I&B, DG:AIR and DG:DD officials on 19th August 2010, in connection with the contempt cases referred to in para 4 above, the UPSC has in para 3 (e) asked the Ministry /DG:AIR to clarify the reasons for the non implementation of the Ashraf Lone Review DPC held on 10.6.2002. Para 4(e) of the said minutes issued by UPSC, quotes Ministry of I&B officials stating that following the acceptance of the recommendations of the review DPC for the period 1982-1990 by the MIB, vide order dated 28.4.2010, all the seniority lists for the subsequent period will have to be revised.

6. However, in spite of these stated positions, which are on record, both DG,AIR, and the MIB are deliberately acting contrary to the rules and are continuously issuing illegal orders and lists. This clearly establishes what is open knowledge in the Department, that huge amounts of money have exchanged hands to maintain and continue the illegalities. Files and lists are clearly seems to be being prepared on the basis of bribes and corruption. The latest draft seniority list of Pexs/staff artists as on 2010 is a glaring example of this malpractice, as a seniority/eligibility list of pexs/staff artists as on 2010 is meaningless and is void ab initio as the list that is required to be made of Programme Executives/Staff Artists is w.e.f 1990.

7. The said draft 2010 seniority list of Pexs and staff artists issued by DG:AIR is meaningless and void ab initio not only for the reasons stated above, but also because the list of Pexs /Staff artists as on 2010 can be determined only after the review DPC for the period 1990 onwards ( to 2010 ) is conducted. It is seen that DG:AIR without conducting this review DPC for the last six years has mischievously removed the names of several persons who are to feature in this review DPC to JTS of IBPS from the list of Pexs/staff artists as on 2010. Shockingly, these persons have been illegally included instead in seniority /eligibility lists for promotions from STS to JAG. Such inclusion has been done, inspite of their promotion order No. 32013/3/2000-B(A)-Vol.II dated 25th August 2000 to the post of JTS issued by MIB being quashed by the Principal Bench of CAT on 26th March in O.A. No. 399/2001. This again is a clear indication of the corruption continuing in the department. (Relevant pages of CAT order and order No. 32013/3/2000-B(A)-Vol.II dated 25th August 2000 are enclosed as Annexure )

8. Further to this, several irregularities can be noticed even while taking a cursory glance at the 2010 list, establishing corruption and intentional concealing/distortion of facts. To illustrate this point a couple of objections listed below should please be taken on record.

a) A person like Vinod Kumar Singh, has been shown in the current 2010 list at s.o. 55 , while Kum M. Raveendrananth his established senior has been shown at 80. In the seniority list of Programme Executives , corrected w.e.f 1983 and issued through court orders in 2007 , the position of Sh. Vinod Kumar Singh was at 160, i.e 30 positions below Kum M.Raveendranath who was at A number of such examples are seen in this list.

b) Several persons like V.N.Dubey , M.Y.Pawar, are placed below Sh. Hirak Ranjan Roy, Pex in the corrected list of 2007. These persons have once again been positioned above Sh. Roy. Action should be initiated against the Officials who have made such manipulations.

c) The list of staff artists, mischievously indicates only “date of joining”. It does not indicate whether this date of joining is in regular government service or otherwise. This is particularly pertinent in view of enclosed letter of DDK Rajkot indicating that Sh. V. B. Desai was declared temporary government servant in 1993 on the basis of some telegram. The Seniority list however indicates that V.B. Desai has joined in 19.5.1984. DG:AIR should disclose all facts, relevant rules etc as to how he has been included in this draft seniority list. When IBPS Rule state that only regularly recruited persons can be included in IBPS it is not known how such persons were included. How many such persons were included of this nature and on what criteria or gratification?

d) Since such clearly questionable persons figure in the seniority list, the UPSC approval date and file number of all persons on the list- both programme executive (DR and Promotee) and staff artist - should be indicated in the seniority list. This is a necessary requirement as per statutory RRs and as per UPSC and DO P&T norms while preparing seniority/eligibility lists for Group A and B Posts and for conducting any DPC for Group A and Group B Posts.

e) It can also be seen in Col 12 of the Group B statutory rules for promotion from Trex to Pex (i.e Group B Recruitment Amendment Rules of 1984 , that the proceedings of the DPC and finalization as Group B Officers i.e Pex have to be sent to Commission for approval, and if it is not approved by the Commission, fresh DPC should be held. In view of this also, the UPSC approval date and file number is essential in the seniority list even in the case of promotee pexs. This is even more relevant as replies received through RTI from Ministry and DG:AIR show that many persons have been allowed to work as Pex/Trex etc even though their service records are not available.

9. In view of the above facts and circumstances, 2010 list of Pexs and staff artists should be ab initio declared null and void and further action of Pexs/Staff artists seniority lists from 1990 onwards may be taken as per the observations of the UPSC in its interdepartmental meeting dated 19th August 2010. In addition , discipline wise vacancies in JTS should also be provided to us and published in AIRNET so as to enable all concerned to exercise their options for cadre, media and discipline specified in Rule 7(6) (b) of the IBPS Rules.
10. Lastly, it is also observed in the Pexes lis,t with in DRs ,SC /ST pexes have been placed in last in bunch. We have also asked from UPSC that under which rules/system/basis DR pexes seniority have been prepared because all DR Pexes have been selected by UPSC discipline-wise like Drama/Science/ Sports/Spokenwords/Music etc by different selection boards of UPSC on different dates/months. DR Pexes results were also sent by UPSC to DG:AIR discipline wise in terms of UPSC letter No F.I/633/85-RIV but instead of providing relevant rule in this regard they have informed us File is weeded out. It seems there is also a huge bungling in DRs seniority therefore rule/basis should also be provided to us which has been used to prepare DR Pexes seniority who have no relation in between them as Science subject cannot compared with Drama or Music.

With highest regards,
Enclosed :As above
Yours sincerely,

(Pramod Mehta)

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80s' UPSC cadres still awaiting promotions

Rupashree Nanda, CNN-IBN

New Delhi: The 800 plus officers who were recruited into Doordarshan (DD) and All Indian Radio (AIR) between 1982 and 1989 after qualifying the UPSC test, and despite excellent track records, are waiting for their first promotions.
Among them also is Devika Mokhtan, the topper of her batch, the country's first woman football commentator.

"Rules were flouted... contract officers cannot be taken as regular service holders," says Mokhtan.
Rupa Mehta, programme executive, 1986 batch who joined in 1989 said: "I am a qualified person, recruited through the UPSC and since the last 22 years have not been given a single promotion.
..In sharp contrast is the career of one T Chamiar. Documents availed through RTI show that the officer was on contract till 1989 and yet he and many others like him have superseded regular UPSC recruits violating rules, some even rising to joint secretary levels.
The CEO of Prasar Bharati has acknowledged that injustice has been done.
CEO Prasar Bharti, B S Lall said: Over the years this issue has acquired complications because of varying interpretations, court cases, implementation of certain decision in the directorate as well as the ministry which could be called questionable.”
The question is did the ministry of information and broadcasting bend rules in order to accommodate certain people and why is such a large group of talented officers stagnating when more than half the radio stations and Doordarshan kendras do not even have station directors.
Prasar Bharti has formed a committee to get to the bottom of the matter but for some, it might be too little too late.
(•• Rupashree Nanda, CNN-IBN-From the exclusive report telecast on 9/5/10)

Please visit the following link to view the original report, and to watch the videos:

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RTI Scam News on Deccan Herald !!!!

RTI unearths job scam
New Delhi, May 8, DHNS
RTI applications filed by aggrieved programme officers of All India Radio and Doordarshan have unearthed, what they allege, a “recruitment scam” in which people engaged on short-term contract have been “systematically smuggled” into the two organisations bypassing the established norms.

Four such people, they allege, have even reached positions equivalent to joint secretaries in the Government of India, bypassing those who had been recruited through the formal UPSC-route.The Association of UPSC Recruited Programme Officers of AIR and DD said several documents dug out through the RTI applications revealed that people engaged on short-term contract after February 28, 1982, the cutoff date set by the government to regularise those engaged in long-term contract, had been made regular government employees flouting government rules.

Displaying the documents, AUPO representatives named four senior Prasar Bharati officials—Deepa Chandra, Hrushikesh Pani, Aparna Vaish and K B Gopalan—who had allegedly benefited by the “scam.”
“While these illegal appointees, many of whom do not even have the requisite educational qualifications and were not screened by UPSC, are today occupying senior positions in the organisations, the regularly appointed officers are languishing at entry-level posts without a single promotion for 25-28 years,” AUPO’s Amlan Majumdar and Jose Jude Mathew alleged. Information received through RTI have revealed that service records of many of the “illegal” beneficiaries have been either destroyed or “caused to have been lost.”



Dear Friends Pl.Watch CNN/IBN today (9/5/10) for the exclusive report of all the problems the direct recruits  are facing in the department and also regarding the convention of AUPO in delhi....though a short report,worth waching...!!!!!! They are supposed to include the story every one hour in their bullettins...

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AUPO and PSWA were formed in 2000 because

the PSA betrayed the UPSC Pexs and in 1999 in violation of all rules and regulations equated the pay of pexs with Trexs.

UPSC Pexs were also agitated and angry that though Pexs were eligible for both Production and Management posts of IBPS, Pexs were deliberately denied Production posts of IBPS by PSA in connivance with the Department.

Because of this attitude of the PSA many Pexs of 1982/1983 were reverted in 2000, while Producers were protected.

UPSC Pexs were also unhappy that the PSA was ignoring ratio to be followed between Pexs and Producers while making promotions. To give benefit to producers the ratio 1:1 was followed.
Contractual Producers /Science officers were also receiving many illegal promotions and benefits while UPSC Pexs got only false promises.

UPSC Pexs were deeply demoralised to find out that persons subsequently engaged on contract (and persons whose contracts were terminated only in 1989) were illegally made ASDs/station directors while senior UPSC Pexs from 1982 remained unpromoted.

AUPO's fight for justice and successes so far

1. a. AUPO's first success was the Pay Anomaly case which was fought along with PSWA . A common judgment was delivered in the cases (Pramod Mehta vs UOI and G.R. Syed & Others vs UOI)
b) Because of the victory in the Pay Anomaly case, Pexs salary was upgraded /stepped up and Pexs received arrears/huge financial benefits.

2. a) AUPO/s second major success was the IBPS case which was fought along with Sachidand Singh . Because of the succesful court verdict , Pexs were declared eligble for Production posts of IBPS and review DPC was ordered from 1990 onwards. This was a huge victory for the Pexs as benefits will come from 1990.
( The case had to be fought because in order to protect Producers, the PSA had been maintaining from 1990 that Pexs were not eligble for Production posts in IBPS,).

3. To protect Producers from reversion, .Review DPC was deliberately delayed (in connivance with PSA) .Eligiblity lists were also prepared to give undue advantage to contractual producers and promotee pexs with the support of PSA. However, AUPO and PSWA joined hands and fought to correct the illegallities.

4. In the contempt peitions filed by AUPO and PSWA , Department was forced to correct several mistakes. Several major errors remain. Atleast 250 non eligible persons have been included in the list, while eligble persons have been left out. UPSC has been asked by court to verify the records . The UPSC is now examining records. This is also a major success for Pexs/AUPO.

5. The promotion of Producers and Pexs in the ratio 1:1 ( ignoring the quota ratio prescribed in the rules) was also taken to court by AUPO . The court declared that quota ratio prescribed in rules had to be followed instead of 1:1. This was also a major victory.

6. Contractual service of Proucers is also being wrongly equated with regular service so as to give illegal benefits to Producers . This was done with the active support of the PSA though this was harming the Pexs and is in violation of the rules. AUPO has managed after a long struggle to take the matter up to the Supreme Court. The final hearing in the Supreme Court will be in May this year. We are sure that AUPO will get a favourable verdict that will give huge benefits to all Pexs.

7. The issue of ACP/MACP is also being taken up strongly by AUPO. We are doing our best to ensure that benefits granted by Government to those who have not received promotions have to be given as intended by Government to all eligible persons. The PSA is trying to indulge in pick and choose and favouritism by encouraging the Administration to release MACP in a piece meal manner. AUPO has pointed out that no one can be denied MACP on the grounds that their CRs are not traceable as we are not the custodians of our CRs .


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comment on Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave

Dear all,

Find a valid point in what Jose and Pramod say.Prasarbharati repeal implies so many things some people leave behind for convenience or due to shortsight.Be open,discuss,debate and analyse properly before jumping to conclusions. There are quite alot in PB that takes care of the nation's needs,professional media standards,working environment and ofcourse the funding and service conditions of employees.We will also get many posts(Media production units) in ministries and departments at differant levels as cadre posts.PB has not been allowed to come into full swing and i think it is high time for the well informed media practitioners,opinion leaders and all other stakeholders to deliberate on the issue.It's something to be addressed to the nation's conscience,the country's parliament and should not be left to a few employee associations with limited vision and own agenda.

In Kerala,AUPO members stand by the directive from Central office in letter and spirit.

K.Jyothish kumar

Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave call by NFADE

Dear Friends,
PSWA has already taken a decision on the matter. Our members and supporters have already informed that we are not participating in this mass casual leave call. We should be careful and not allow our strength to be misused by others. Pexs should also understand that the financial benefits that they received on the basis of Prasar Bharati scales could also be withdrawn .
Some persons of this so called employees federation are already opposing the benefits we received in the hard fought pay anomaly case/stepping up formula.

Let us not fall into any trap set for us and loose hard earned benefits , due to short sightedness.
Good Luck to all.
Let our fight continue . Jai Ho.

Pramod Mehta

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave call by NFADE

Some of our members and State Unit Coordinators have asked us to clarify whether AUPO members would be part of the call for Mass Casual Leave on 17th March 2010 to repeal Prasar Bharati Act.

AUPO is not a part of NFADE and participation in any activity would be on the basis of an objective stance on issues, depending on the larger interest of employees, the organisation and of course the interests of AUPO members.

As regards the NFADE demand to repeal Prasar Bharati, there are serious differences of opinion among the two main employees federations in Delhi. The Akashwani & Doordarshan Employees Federation (ADEF) which is made up of UADEE (Union of Akashwani and Doordarshan Engineering Employees), ADASA , and the Newscasters Association etc are opposing the repeal of the Prasar Bharati Act as they point out that Section 11 of the Prasar Bharati Act already gives existing government employees of Akashwani and Doordarshan the right to remain or opt out of Prasar Bharati. They have also presented us a detailed note wherein they have outlined repercussions of repealing the PB Act or amendment of Section 11 of the Act. ADEF cautions that the repeal of the Act /amendment of Section 11 will have adverse effect on judicial pronouncements in this regard and also inflict harmful effects on the service conditions of employees.
Many of the issues brought out by ADEF require detailed study. Further, the Ministry has failed to initiate vital portions of the Act . A Parliamentary Committee required to be set up under the Act by the Ministry (which in effect makes Prasar Bharati directly answerable to the Parliament instead of the Ministry of I&B ) has not been set up so far. Neither has the “Broadcasting Council” been set up. Prasar Bharati as a public broadcaster (autonomous and answerable to Parliament) is not supposed to generate its own finances. In the absence of the licensing fee envisaged under the Act, the funding is due to come from Government and cleared by Parliament. We also need to understand the status of Employees in Lok Sabha Secretariat/Lok Sabha Television; organisations with complete functional freedom like Supreme Court, Election Commission of India etc.

A decision to partake in any agitation/mass casual leave etc to repeal the Prasar Bharati Act can be taken by AUPO only after a careful deliberation of the matter and after

a) weighing the pros and cons , after a proper debate
b) after consultation with our own members
c) discussions with the two federations NFADE and ADEF on its divergent views.

Hence, if any AUPO member has submitted a casual leave application for the 17th, they are requested to withdraw it immediately.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


All AUPO Members..Attention Pl....Kindly send your bio data in the above given proforma without delay... Filled proforma along with photo may please be sent to Convenor, AUPO, Sh. L.S. Bajpai, 82, Broadcasting House, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. On top of the cover please mention Proforma (AUPO).

An additional copy may be sent to Sh. P. Raja Rao,( South Zone Coordinator AUPO) Dy. Director, Regional Training Institute, All India Radio ,Hyderabad. (ph. 09440765444). This will help AUPO to ensure that duplicate sets are available in two parts of the country.

Let the state co-ordinators also have a soft copy for convenience.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Ms.Noreen Naqvi has been appointed as regular DG:AIR,today.. Ms.Noreen Naqvi,has so far been looking after her responsibilities as acting DG:AIR only.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear All,

Please find attached the proforma for UPSC Pexs (AUPO members) . We need to consolidate the country wide data of AUPO Members/State wise. As soon as these details are compiled (for the whole country) , we can finalise the date for the National Convention/National Coordination meeting at Delhi.

A brief extract from the proforma will also be utilised for publishing in our souvenir/ updating our AUPO website/blog.
This data would also be crucial for updating/revising electoral roll /membership records of AUPO .

A lot of members who have resigned from the PSA are still being shown as members of the PSA in their electoral roll and this needs to be sorted out .

The data can include an additional list of AUPO members who have either retired or have taken voluntary retirement. (eg.Dr. Sajad Rizvi who is now with IGNOU, Dr. G.R. Syed, with Jamia, Sh. Sajan Venniyoor, Sh. D. Chandran etc)

Filled proforma along with photo may please be sent to Convenor, AUPO, Sh. L.S. Bajpai, 82, Broadcasting House, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. On top of the cover please mention Proforma (AUPO).

An additional copy may be sent to Sh. P. Raja Rao, South Zone Coordinator, AUPO and Dy. Director, Regional Training Institute, All India Radio ,Hyderabad. (ph. 09440765444). This will help AUPO to ensure that duplicate sets are available in two parts of the country.

We would request each of you on this mailing list to take an active role in this and circulate it to as many of our members as possible. State coordinators/unit coordinators need help/support in the circulation of this proforma , so that information of all AUPO members can be collected at the earliest.

A copy of the filled proforma should also be kept locally by the respective members.


Details of UPSC recruited Programme Officers (AUPO members) for compilation in Souvenir


2. Present Designation:- (Pex/ASD /SD etc) :

3. Discipline for which originally selected by UPSC:

4. Year of Selection by UPSC (Indicate batch) 5.Year of Joining in the grade Programme Executive :

6. Initial Station of Posting:

7. Present Station/Kendra where posted:

8. Other Stations served:-

9. Address for communication:

10. Contact Phone Nos. Res:

11. Mobile No:-

12:-E mail:-

13:Current Job Profile/responsibilities:

14: Areas of Specialization/ Experience/Interests in professional broadcasting career :

15. Educational Qualifications:-
Course/Degree Institute Year of Passing

16. Major Achievements:

17. Awards/ Fellowships / Letters of Appreciation etc:

18. Recognition if any, in areas other than Broadcasting:

Name of Member:
Note: A Photograph to be enclosed. In case of non digital photos, please write name and designation on the reverse side of the photo.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Inspite of a lot of pressure put on the Directorate, only 29 CRs have surfaced.
This includes a couple of persons who were on the first list of 147 persons.

What happened to the other CRs?
Who do we hold responsible for the missing CRs?
DG AIR is the custodian of our CRs. Procedures are clearly laid out for collection of our CRs year wise,

A great show of locating our CRs is also being made in SI- B for the past many days.
After this extended drama , less than 29 CRs have been located ( some names are also on the first list of 147 persons).

This selective pick and choose method is clearly useful for corrupt people to make money.
The custodians of our CRS want us to approach them one by one, and request for help to locate our CRs .

They want us to grease their palms before we get the benefit of a scheme given to all Government servants.

If you check the engineers list on airnet, u can see , who is eligible, who is not eligble, and whose CRS are still pending..
Why are things so different in the programme side?
How funny, that MACP is issued from the bottom of the Pexs seniority list,
rather than the top as in the rest of Government.

The more pressure we put, the more CRs will emerge.


Thursday, February 4, 2010


General Orders
Section : S-I(B)
No.5/18/2009-S.I(B) New Delhi, 3rd February, 2010.

Subject: Financial upgradation to Programme Executives working in AIR and Doordarshan
Reference this Directorate?s circulars of 6/13/2001-S.I(B) dated 8.10.2009 and No.5/18/2009-S.I(B) dated 12.10.2009.

All the Head Offices of AIR and Doordarshan are, once again, requested to send CRs/Dossiers of all the Programme Executives from AIR and Doordarshan Stations/Kendras and requisite information in the proforma annexed to circular dated 12.10.2009.
( M.D. Sundriyal )
Deputy Director Admn (Programme)
For Director General

1. Heads of all AIR & Doordarshan Stations/Kendras/Offices including zonal offices, HPTs, SPTs. CBSs, VBSs and Relay Centers. 2. DDA(P), DG:Doordarshan with the request to circulate and upload the letter on Doordarshan website and also furnish the vigilance clearance of the PEXs.

Copy to:
1. PS to CEO/PS to DG/DDG(A)/Director (Admn)/Regional DDGs
2. P&AO, AIR, Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai/Kolkata/Guwahati/Lucknow/Nagpur
3. The President, Programme Staff Association of AIR & Doordarshan, New Delhi
4. The President, Programme Staff Welfare Association of AIR&Doordarshan, New Delhi
5. The President, Association of UPSC Recruited Programme Officers, New Delhi
6. Spare copies-5.
For Director General

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is for general information.....We don't entertain comments from unidentified persons,signing in as Chota Bhai, Bada bhai, Munna Bhai etc.....This blog is for Aupo members/sympathisers only, and persons commenting with their real name,revealing their id only will be placed in the blog hence forth...

Sunday, January 31, 2010


While we are all clear about what the DOPT's MACP order says, the AUPO protest relates to how DG,AIR's order subverts the DOPT order.

The covering letter of the DGAIR MACP order for 147 Pexs clearly states that the ORDER IS FOR PEXS and upgradations are based on 10, 20, and 30 years of service.

The DG AIR MACP list then indicates in two columns
a) date of joining and
b) No of upgradations.

Everyone on the list is a Pex (according to the covering letter). There is however no indication whether a person joined as a Trex or as a Pex.

This is further complicated as one upgradation is shown against the handful of direct recruit PEX of 1991 on the list, while 2 upgradations are indicated
against about a hundred odd Trexs of 1988 (Panigrahi etc) .

In the first place, Trexs and Pexs should not have been put in the same list .If they are on the same list, it had to be strictly as per the Pexs seniority list.

In the case of a Trex who has received one promotion it should have been indicated that the person has already got one promotion (to the grade of Pex) and is eligible for 1 uppgradation. 2 upgradations cannot be shown against some one who has already received one promotion like Panigrahi ( and that too while interspersing his name with that of direct recruit pexs.)

The MACP list in its present form is one of these weird lists issued by DG AIR . It is a deliberately selective list . The manner in which it has been issued without considering the senior unpromoted Pexs on the seniority list is plainly illegal.

In all other departments of the Government , the MACP is issued on the basis of the seniority list. It cannot be issued in a pick and chose manner as has been done here.

As a result of this irregular and selective MACP order , a Pex of 1982, 1983 and 1984 serving without a single promotion for over 25 years - (Devika Moktan, RC Gopal, Vimalasenan Nair, Subramanium, Amlan Majumdar etc get a grade pay of 5400 as they are ad hoc ASDs. Since they have not been granted MACP, their grade pay will be the same as that of a Trex of 1988 . i.e 5400.

The Pexs of 1988 (250 odd persons with 22 years service ) and those who joined in 1991 ( another 250 persons) continue on the grade pay 4800.

As the AUPO protest letter indicates, because of this irregular MACP order, if today a 1988/1991 Pex goes on tour with a 1988 Trex, the direct recruit Pexs will be eligible only for a room rent of Rs 500 whereas a Trex of 1988 will get Rs 1500.

The DR Pex of 1988 will travel by train, while the Trex who joined in the same year(1988) will be elgible to travel by AIR.
The same goes for Government housing and other facilities .

While every eligible person should get its due, it cannot be clearly done in this fashion.

This whimsical list has been issued so that individuals will approach DG AIR staff or the PSA and plead to get their names on the next batch of persons who are cleared.

Such a list based on PICK and CHOSE also gives amble scope for CORRUPTION and needs to be protested country wide . DG AIR has to follow the practice of all other Government departments.

Not finding our CRs is not an excuse. Those who are the custodians of our CRs must explain where our CRs are.

It is also being wrongly suggested that the CRs of the seniors have been sent to the Ministry for the review DPC. This is a blatant lie, because not even one direct recruit of 1988/1991 is on the list of persons who have been included in the review DPC list.

A MACP in this disgraceful fashion, is one more slap on the face of the direct recruit Pexs by the PSA in connivance with the administration. The present PSA leadership have already worked hand in hand with the administration to ensure that contractual service of Producers/Science Officers are treated as regular service.
There is a limit to the lies and nonsense.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Height of neglect and apathy towards direct PEXs



This is to register our strong protest against the discriminatory and illogical MACP order dated Jan.20, 2010 issued by the AIR D’te.Whereas the eligibility list of Programme Executive cadre for MACP published by the D’te itself a few weeks back, notified 1145 names, only 147 numbers were cleared as per the order referred to. This kind of selective felling and clearing will obviously open up vast opportunities for corruption. The details indicated in the said order is also full of glaring omissions, mistakes, offering undue benefits in some cases and showing the incumbents’ date of joining as TREX ,to appear as if it were the date of joining in regular PEX cadre.

None of the direct PEXs in Kerala figures in the list and their juniors who joined in the feeder category of TREX, on the same period or later have been sanctioned 2-3 up gradations from their present, in spite of getting the benefit of promotion. For Grade pay, direct PEXs with 20-25 years, yet to get a single promotion, have been equated with a TREX of similar period of service. As a result, when a direct PEX joined in 1988 and a TREX of the same year have to go on tour, the TREX can travel by air and is entitled for a hotel rate of Rs.1500/- whereas the senior is not entitled to fly and is eligible only for a hotel rate of Rs.500/-.This,besides injustice come in the way of discharging ones’ official duty.

As this is humiliating and adding insult to injury, the Kerala state unit of the Association of UPSC recruited programme officers of AIR and DD urge your good self to examine the case and issue revised orders including all eligible Programme Executives, immediately, failing which we may be forced to go by the sentiments expressed by all our members in AIR and DD units all over Kerala to stop work .

Sincerely yours,

K.Jyothish Kumar
Kerala State Co-ordinator, AUPO

The Secretary, Information &Broadcasting, Govt.of India



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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Prasar Bharati

(Broadcasting Corporation of India)
Directorate General: All India Radio

F. No. 5/18/2009-SI(B) New Delhi: Dated 20-1-2010
OFFICE ORDER (No.05/2010)

In pursuance of DoP&T?s O.M. No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 19th May, 2009, the Competent Authority has approved the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Financial up-gradation on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years of regular service in respect of the PEXs mentioned in Annexure-I from the present Grade Pay to the next Grade Pay under Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme(MACPS) with effect from 1st September, 2008.
The above mentioned financial upgradation is purely personal to the employee concerned and shall have no relevance to his seniority position. Further, this financial up-gradation is subject to the relevant instructions/orders on MACPS issued from time-to-time.

3. The above pay fixation is subject to post audit and in the light of audit observation over-payment, if any, shall be recovered from them in lump-sum.

4. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

The order in respect of rest of the other eligible PEXs and Hindi version will follow.


Dy. Director of Admn.(P)