Thursday, March 25, 2010


AUPO and PSWA were formed in 2000 because

the PSA betrayed the UPSC Pexs and in 1999 in violation of all rules and regulations equated the pay of pexs with Trexs.

UPSC Pexs were also agitated and angry that though Pexs were eligible for both Production and Management posts of IBPS, Pexs were deliberately denied Production posts of IBPS by PSA in connivance with the Department.

Because of this attitude of the PSA many Pexs of 1982/1983 were reverted in 2000, while Producers were protected.

UPSC Pexs were also unhappy that the PSA was ignoring ratio to be followed between Pexs and Producers while making promotions. To give benefit to producers the ratio 1:1 was followed.
Contractual Producers /Science officers were also receiving many illegal promotions and benefits while UPSC Pexs got only false promises.

UPSC Pexs were deeply demoralised to find out that persons subsequently engaged on contract (and persons whose contracts were terminated only in 1989) were illegally made ASDs/station directors while senior UPSC Pexs from 1982 remained unpromoted.

AUPO's fight for justice and successes so far

1. a. AUPO's first success was the Pay Anomaly case which was fought along with PSWA . A common judgment was delivered in the cases (Pramod Mehta vs UOI and G.R. Syed & Others vs UOI)
b) Because of the victory in the Pay Anomaly case, Pexs salary was upgraded /stepped up and Pexs received arrears/huge financial benefits.

2. a) AUPO/s second major success was the IBPS case which was fought along with Sachidand Singh . Because of the succesful court verdict , Pexs were declared eligble for Production posts of IBPS and review DPC was ordered from 1990 onwards. This was a huge victory for the Pexs as benefits will come from 1990.
( The case had to be fought because in order to protect Producers, the PSA had been maintaining from 1990 that Pexs were not eligble for Production posts in IBPS,).

3. To protect Producers from reversion, .Review DPC was deliberately delayed (in connivance with PSA) .Eligiblity lists were also prepared to give undue advantage to contractual producers and promotee pexs with the support of PSA. However, AUPO and PSWA joined hands and fought to correct the illegallities.

4. In the contempt peitions filed by AUPO and PSWA , Department was forced to correct several mistakes. Several major errors remain. Atleast 250 non eligible persons have been included in the list, while eligble persons have been left out. UPSC has been asked by court to verify the records . The UPSC is now examining records. This is also a major success for Pexs/AUPO.

5. The promotion of Producers and Pexs in the ratio 1:1 ( ignoring the quota ratio prescribed in the rules) was also taken to court by AUPO . The court declared that quota ratio prescribed in rules had to be followed instead of 1:1. This was also a major victory.

6. Contractual service of Proucers is also being wrongly equated with regular service so as to give illegal benefits to Producers . This was done with the active support of the PSA though this was harming the Pexs and is in violation of the rules. AUPO has managed after a long struggle to take the matter up to the Supreme Court. The final hearing in the Supreme Court will be in May this year. We are sure that AUPO will get a favourable verdict that will give huge benefits to all Pexs.

7. The issue of ACP/MACP is also being taken up strongly by AUPO. We are doing our best to ensure that benefits granted by Government to those who have not received promotions have to be given as intended by Government to all eligible persons. The PSA is trying to indulge in pick and choose and favouritism by encouraging the Administration to release MACP in a piece meal manner. AUPO has pointed out that no one can be denied MACP on the grounds that their CRs are not traceable as we are not the custodians of our CRs .


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comment on Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave

Dear all,

Find a valid point in what Jose and Pramod say.Prasarbharati repeal implies so many things some people leave behind for convenience or due to shortsight.Be open,discuss,debate and analyse properly before jumping to conclusions. There are quite alot in PB that takes care of the nation's needs,professional media standards,working environment and ofcourse the funding and service conditions of employees.We will also get many posts(Media production units) in ministries and departments at differant levels as cadre posts.PB has not been allowed to come into full swing and i think it is high time for the well informed media practitioners,opinion leaders and all other stakeholders to deliberate on the issue.It's something to be addressed to the nation's conscience,the country's parliament and should not be left to a few employee associations with limited vision and own agenda.

In Kerala,AUPO members stand by the directive from Central office in letter and spirit.

K.Jyothish kumar

Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave call by NFADE

Dear Friends,
PSWA has already taken a decision on the matter. Our members and supporters have already informed that we are not participating in this mass casual leave call. We should be careful and not allow our strength to be misused by others. Pexs should also understand that the financial benefits that they received on the basis of Prasar Bharati scales could also be withdrawn .
Some persons of this so called employees federation are already opposing the benefits we received in the hard fought pay anomaly case/stepping up formula.

Let us not fall into any trap set for us and loose hard earned benefits , due to short sightedness.
Good Luck to all.
Let our fight continue . Jai Ho.

Pramod Mehta

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave call by NFADE

Some of our members and State Unit Coordinators have asked us to clarify whether AUPO members would be part of the call for Mass Casual Leave on 17th March 2010 to repeal Prasar Bharati Act.

AUPO is not a part of NFADE and participation in any activity would be on the basis of an objective stance on issues, depending on the larger interest of employees, the organisation and of course the interests of AUPO members.

As regards the NFADE demand to repeal Prasar Bharati, there are serious differences of opinion among the two main employees federations in Delhi. The Akashwani & Doordarshan Employees Federation (ADEF) which is made up of UADEE (Union of Akashwani and Doordarshan Engineering Employees), ADASA , and the Newscasters Association etc are opposing the repeal of the Prasar Bharati Act as they point out that Section 11 of the Prasar Bharati Act already gives existing government employees of Akashwani and Doordarshan the right to remain or opt out of Prasar Bharati. They have also presented us a detailed note wherein they have outlined repercussions of repealing the PB Act or amendment of Section 11 of the Act. ADEF cautions that the repeal of the Act /amendment of Section 11 will have adverse effect on judicial pronouncements in this regard and also inflict harmful effects on the service conditions of employees.
Many of the issues brought out by ADEF require detailed study. Further, the Ministry has failed to initiate vital portions of the Act . A Parliamentary Committee required to be set up under the Act by the Ministry (which in effect makes Prasar Bharati directly answerable to the Parliament instead of the Ministry of I&B ) has not been set up so far. Neither has the “Broadcasting Council” been set up. Prasar Bharati as a public broadcaster (autonomous and answerable to Parliament) is not supposed to generate its own finances. In the absence of the licensing fee envisaged under the Act, the funding is due to come from Government and cleared by Parliament. We also need to understand the status of Employees in Lok Sabha Secretariat/Lok Sabha Television; organisations with complete functional freedom like Supreme Court, Election Commission of India etc.

A decision to partake in any agitation/mass casual leave etc to repeal the Prasar Bharati Act can be taken by AUPO only after a careful deliberation of the matter and after

a) weighing the pros and cons , after a proper debate
b) after consultation with our own members
c) discussions with the two federations NFADE and ADEF on its divergent views.

Hence, if any AUPO member has submitted a casual leave application for the 17th, they are requested to withdraw it immediately.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


All AUPO Members..Attention Pl....Kindly send your bio data in the above given proforma without delay... Filled proforma along with photo may please be sent to Convenor, AUPO, Sh. L.S. Bajpai, 82, Broadcasting House, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. On top of the cover please mention Proforma (AUPO).

An additional copy may be sent to Sh. P. Raja Rao,( South Zone Coordinator AUPO) Dy. Director, Regional Training Institute, All India Radio ,Hyderabad. (ph. 09440765444). This will help AUPO to ensure that duplicate sets are available in two parts of the country.

Let the state co-ordinators also have a soft copy for convenience.