Monday, May 10, 2010

80s' UPSC cadres still awaiting promotions

Rupashree Nanda, CNN-IBN

New Delhi: The 800 plus officers who were recruited into Doordarshan (DD) and All Indian Radio (AIR) between 1982 and 1989 after qualifying the UPSC test, and despite excellent track records, are waiting for their first promotions.
Among them also is Devika Mokhtan, the topper of her batch, the country's first woman football commentator.

"Rules were flouted... contract officers cannot be taken as regular service holders," says Mokhtan.
Rupa Mehta, programme executive, 1986 batch who joined in 1989 said: "I am a qualified person, recruited through the UPSC and since the last 22 years have not been given a single promotion.
..In sharp contrast is the career of one T Chamiar. Documents availed through RTI show that the officer was on contract till 1989 and yet he and many others like him have superseded regular UPSC recruits violating rules, some even rising to joint secretary levels.
The CEO of Prasar Bharati has acknowledged that injustice has been done.
CEO Prasar Bharti, B S Lall said: Over the years this issue has acquired complications because of varying interpretations, court cases, implementation of certain decision in the directorate as well as the ministry which could be called questionable.”
The question is did the ministry of information and broadcasting bend rules in order to accommodate certain people and why is such a large group of talented officers stagnating when more than half the radio stations and Doordarshan kendras do not even have station directors.
Prasar Bharti has formed a committee to get to the bottom of the matter but for some, it might be too little too late.
(•• Rupashree Nanda, CNN-IBN-From the exclusive report telecast on 9/5/10)

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

RTI Scam News on Deccan Herald !!!!

RTI unearths job scam
New Delhi, May 8, DHNS
RTI applications filed by aggrieved programme officers of All India Radio and Doordarshan have unearthed, what they allege, a “recruitment scam” in which people engaged on short-term contract have been “systematically smuggled” into the two organisations bypassing the established norms.

Four such people, they allege, have even reached positions equivalent to joint secretaries in the Government of India, bypassing those who had been recruited through the formal UPSC-route.The Association of UPSC Recruited Programme Officers of AIR and DD said several documents dug out through the RTI applications revealed that people engaged on short-term contract after February 28, 1982, the cutoff date set by the government to regularise those engaged in long-term contract, had been made regular government employees flouting government rules.

Displaying the documents, AUPO representatives named four senior Prasar Bharati officials—Deepa Chandra, Hrushikesh Pani, Aparna Vaish and K B Gopalan—who had allegedly benefited by the “scam.”
“While these illegal appointees, many of whom do not even have the requisite educational qualifications and were not screened by UPSC, are today occupying senior positions in the organisations, the regularly appointed officers are languishing at entry-level posts without a single promotion for 25-28 years,” AUPO’s Amlan Majumdar and Jose Jude Mathew alleged. Information received through RTI have revealed that service records of many of the “illegal” beneficiaries have been either destroyed or “caused to have been lost.”



Dear Friends Pl.Watch CNN/IBN today (9/5/10) for the exclusive report of all the problems the direct recruits  are facing in the department and also regarding the convention of AUPO in delhi....though a short report,worth waching...!!!!!! They are supposed to include the story every one hour in their bullettins...