Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear All,

Congratulations to Shri Raja Rao(UPSC 1980) and South Zone Convenor ,AUPO, who fought back when the Department  made an attempt to deny  him headship of AIR Hyderabad  though he was the senior most STS officer in Hyderabad.
 An attempt was made to shamefacedly twist facts and bestow headship to a rank junior who was subsequently engaged on contract in 1983 and  regularised as government servant as per a scheme that came into being in November 1991.
 Since similar attempts are going on to give undue and illegal benefits to certain classes of people, all Senior UPSC Pexs may note that
a) since  Pexs are eligible for both Production and Management of the IBPS (as per Sachidanand and AUPO verdict dated 26.3.2004) and
b) Since seniority cum fitness is the criteria from Pex/Producer to JTS (as per the Supreme Court verdict in the Chetan Naik case) ...........A  contractual producer  subsequently engaged on contract cannot  by any shred of imagination be station head /or placed   senior. to you...


RAJA RAO JI IS  BRAVE- JAI HO. Everybody should learn the lesson from
Raja Rao ji. He stood up for his rights and he won the case.
Good.......Pramod Mehta

This is a lesson for all of us. It pains, realising why there are not enough Raja Raos in our cadre. I understand the recurring humilation and repression 
heaped on us since we entered this job. the culture of masters and servants leading to the degradation of talent and energy ; passion and drive. But  a few have risen to the occassion. Had there not been people like Raja Rao, Jose, Amlan,  Mathew and  devikaji , what would have been our fate....? Atleast, the injustice done against us is out. A kind of impossibility created for us even before joining this service is out there . No matter how much  indiginity they had endured to us, we must make a noise. A  legal and effective noise made possible by Sh. Raja Rao ji is not only comforting, but also reassuring that we will undo this injustice sooner than later.


Dear all,
The judgement in favour of Rajarao sab exposes the level of arrogance, lawlessness and sense of justice that characterises the style of functioning of a  few holding high responsibility  in our organisation,  hijacking its real interests.Their misdeeds and its implications need to be brought to light so that the organisation and the civil society do not suffer  on account of their discriminatory behaviour..This is possible only if all of us show the courage to question  the injustice meted out to each one of us and do not wait for a few AUPO activists to turn up at  their beck and call which may not be always practical.

Let a thousand new ideas bloom from Rajarao's victory

rgds, K.Jyothishkumar

Dear All,
Congrats to Sh.Raja Raoji. It surely shows that patience and persistence pays off. We need to show courage and conviction in getting justice especially when there are  such strong forces against us.
Hope all those whining and complaining among us, open their eyes to how cases can also be fought at an individual level. As Jyotish Kumar rightly said, let us not depend on a few to get rewards. I repeat people like Jose, Amlan, Pramodji, Sachidananadji etc have taken a lead. Either join hands with those waging a battle or stop complaining and fight on your own. It is after all in everybodys interest to get promotions.
Regards, Ujwala