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Representation voicing objections in seniority list

Subject: Circulation of seniority of programme management and programme production cadres of STS frade of IB(P)S Officers of AIR
This has reference to the seniority list of STS officers of IBPS (Management and Production) No. A-32013/03/2009-S!(A)/69 dated 01.02.2009 circulated by S-1 (A) Section of DG:AIR.
The objections to the list sent by Sh. Pratap Singh, SO , S1(A) Section, DG, AIR are as under:-
1) Firstly, the circulation of such a list is totally illegal as the Department is yet to conduct the review DPC to the post of JTS of the IBPS directed by the Principal Bench of CAT in O.A. No. 399/2001 filed by the Association of UPSC recruited Programme Officers of AIR & Doordarshan.
2. As you are aware , the Association of UPSC recruited Programme Officers of AIR and Doordarshan has also filed a contempt petition against DG:AIR and Secretary I&B for not undertaking the review DPC directed by Principal Bench of CAT nearly 5 years ago i.e on 23rd March 2004 . The Hon'ble Court had then directed that the review DPC to JTS be undertaken by considering the Programme Executives for Production posts of IBPS . As this still remains to be done, the seniority lists of STS Management and STS Production that has been now circulated for objections has no value whatsoever and is invalid abinitio . These lists will necessarily undergo drastic change when the options of Programme Executives are considered for JTS Production during the review DPC ordered by the Hon'ble Court.
4. Further, the lists of STS Production consists solely of erstwhile contractual Producers, whereas the STS list after review DPC will necessarily contain many Programme Executives. Accordingly many of the STS officers shown on the Production list will be due for reversion from both STS and JTS Posts of the IBPS.
5. The seniority list of STS Production also has a column which shows the date of joining . The dates written in this column are the dates of joining in contractual service , whereas the actual date to be mentioned here is the date of joining in regular service .
6. There are many persons shown in the STS Production list whose dates of joining are not mentioned at all. This is an attempt to cover up , that such persons are not covered by the existing RRs as outlined below.
7. The Department is very well aware that statutory RRs of 23.10.1984 by which erstwhile contractual staff artists were encadered in the regular programme cadre clearly stipulate a cut off date of 28.2.1982. The MIB scheme of 3rd May 1982 by which these enabling RRs were created also stipulates the cut of date for then existing long term contractual staff artists to be encadered in the programme cadre as 28-2-1982. The orders for those in the scheme as on cut of date of 28-2-1982 came into effect on 6th March 1982. The scheme also clearly specified that contractual service rendered prior to 6-3-1982 is purely for pensionary benefits and for maintaining interse seniority between the staff artists. Thus, the blatant attempt to indicate contractual date of joining in the colum where the date of regular service should be indicated /and leaving the said column blank - are both totally illegal and in violation of the statutory RRs .and DOPT norms .

8. It is reiterated that as the statutory RRs of 23.10.1984 stipulate a cut off date of 28-2-1982., those contractual staff artists who entered on contract after that date are not covered under the RRs and hence do not belong to the regular programme cadre and cannot feature in any seniority list .
9. It is understood that vide MIB scheme No. 45011/29/91 dated 29th November , 1991 , it was decided to extend the benefit of Government servant to staff artists who entered the scheme after 6th March 1982. It was also decided to create corresponding number of civil posts for staff artists deemed as Government servants under these orders. However, as on date no such RRs exist to support the encaderment of such persons in the programme cadre, even if they were deemed as government servants in Nov 1991.
10. It is also pertinent to mention that once the review DPC is done may PEXs from 1982 onwards who have not got a single promotion in their lifetime due to such irregularities will feature in the seniority list of STS and above up to SAG .
11. It is also pertinent to mention that the UPSC batch of 1991 is also senior to the names mentioned on the STS list of Production , even if such persons were deemed to be government servants on 29th November 1991..
12. The Apex Court in the historic Uma Devi case stated "If Rules have been made under Article 309 of the Constitution, then the Government can made appointments only in accordance with the rules.. It is recognised that no government order, notificiation or circular can be substituted for the statutory rules framed under the authority of law".
13. Thus, it is clearly recognised that no one can be illegally interpolated into the programme cadre in violation of the statutory RRs.

In view of the above , it is submitted that
a) since seniority /eligibility list can have only those who are eligibile to be in it as per statutory RRs , all persons illegally interpoolated into the list contravening the RRs and stipulated ;cut off date of 28-2-1982 should be necessarily removed from the lists.
b) Further, such persons should not be included in the review DPC for JTS as they are not legally in the programme cadre as per RRs.
c) The present seniority list of STS circulated may be treated as null and void ab initio . It is also submitted that such a seniority list demands a vigilance enquiry and disciplinary action may also be contemplated against those persons indulging in such gross administrative irregularities.

Yours sincerely

2009/2/23 jose mathew

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Respected Sir,

As you may kindly be aware this Association represents the Programme Officers of AIR and Doordarshan recruited by the Union Public Service Commission.
We would like to bring to your kind notice that:

(i) Certain gross and systematic irregularities and malpractices in the organisation have resulted in an unprecedented and grave situation, where a large number of locally engaged contractual employees not covered by any statutory Recruitment Rules have been given number of illegal promotions. These officers are currently working at JAG,NSFG and SAG levels at the expense of Programme Officers recruited by the UPSC as per the Statutory RRs who are languishing at their entry level posts without receiving even a single regular promotion for over 25-27 years . This includes even SC/ST and women officers. It is ironic that the Programme Executives who are thus languishing were recruited through UPSC with a basic minimum qualification of MA/MSC and other ancillary requirements.
(ii) As an example of the irregularities that have led to this situation, we are enclosing for your kind perusal , an MIB order dated 23rd May 1988 which shows how certain officers ( now officiating as DDGs) and who were engaged on monthly contract/short term contract as Science Officers in 1983/84 were made into temporary government servants with effect from their original first contractual appointment. The same people were also retrospectively made Assistant Station Directors w.e.f 1.1.1986 and included in the programme cadre though they were/ and are as on date completely outside the purview of the statutory rules . This act was done by misusing and violating a cabinet decision of March 1982 , ensuing MIB regularization Scheme No. 45011/26/80-B(A) dated 3rd May 1982 and the enabling RRs of 23rd Oct ober 1984 which provided for regularisation of long term contractual staff artists in AIR and Doordarshan in position on 28-2-1982 . The MIB scheme also specifies that the orders for those in the system as on cut off date of 28-2-1982 would come into effect on 6th March 1982 subject to the conditions prescribed in the scheme and RRs. . A copy of the Scheme issued vide order No. 45011/26/80-B(A) dated 3rd May 1982 (Annexure B) and Enabling RRs of 23.10.1984 (Annexure C and D) are enclosed with relevant portions duly marked for ready reference.) .
(iii) Similarly, by misusing and violating the said 1982 scheme and circumventing the enabling RRs , a large number of persons engaged on contract as Producers etc. (after the cut off date of 28.2.1982 specified in the RRs and Scheme )have been interpolated in the list of staff artists on long term contract who were regularised as part of the 1982 Scheme.

(iv) Though persons engaged on contract after the cut off date of 28-2-1982 are strictly outside the purview of the statutory RRs, and are not entitled to be included in the lists of staff artists they have been illegally interpolated into the regular programme cadre . This has been done to inflate the promotion quota allocated to staff artists as per rules. Promotions from the regular programme cadre i.e programme executives and erstwhile contractual staff artists upto 28.2.1982 are based on a variable ratio based on the actual number of posts from both categories . Clause 4 A (1)(f) of the 1984 rules Annexure C above may be seen..

(v) Such persons who entered on short term contract after 28-2-1982 are now illegally serving as Station Directors in Doordarshan Kendras/AIR stations whereas the UPSC recruited Programme Executives of 1982 onwards are not only suffering without promotions , but are also being humiliated by being illegally forced to serve under and take orders from such persons. A copy of a six month renewable contract issued on May 31st 1984 (w.e.f 18th May 1984) to one such person as Producer Gr.II (contract staff ) on a monthly fee of Rs 650 in the fee scale of Rs 650-1200 is enclosed as Annexure E. Such persons have been granted two regular promotions by circumventing the RRs and are allowed to continue enjoying the illegal fruits by deliberately stalling review DPCs ordered by the Hon’ble courts as per RRs. A review DPC ordered in March 2004 has been intentionally delayed for five years on flimsy grounds only to protect the present illegal beneficiaries
(v) The enormity and extent of manipulation taking place can be seen by a perusal of an eligibility list provided by DG:AIR in an ongoing contempt petition filed by this Association against DG:AIR and Secretary I&B for delaying the review DPC. The list includes hundreds of ineligible contractual employee engaged on monthly /renewable short term contract after the cut of date of 28-2-82 prescribed in RRs and the 1982 Scheme. The list strangely and inexplicably even places all such contractual employees engaged upto 1985 over and above UPSC recruited programme executives of 1980. The said eligibility list created is enclosed as Annexure F.
(vi) The said eligibility list also places many ineligible promotee programme executives from the cadre of TREX over UPSC Pexs , though during the course of the contempt petition, DG:AIR /MIB cited that one of the reasons for the delay in conducting the review DPC was the need to make necessary corrections in the seniority lists of programme executives.

(vi) As you are aware, in the historic constitutional bench judgment of the Hon'ble Apex Court in Uma Devi case , the Apex Court has enunciated that any public appointment has to be in terms of the constitutional scheme.

Para 5 of the judgment states “If Rules have been made under Article 309 of the Constitution, then the Government can make appointments only in accordance with the rules. … It is recognized that no government order, notification or circular can be substituted for the statutory rules framed under the authority of law.”
Para 10 of the judgment states “With a view to make the procedure for selection fair , the Constitution by Article 315 has also created a Public Service Commission for the Union and Public Service Commissions for the States. ….. The states have made Acts, Rules or Regulations for implementing the above constitutional guarantees and any recruitment to the service in the State or the Union is governed by such Acts, Rules and Regulations. The Constitution does not envisage any employment outside these constitutional schemes and without following the requirements set down therein.”
Para 14 of the judgment states “This Court emphasized that hen Rules framed under Article 309 of the Constitution of India are in force, no regularization is permissible in exercise of the executive powers of the Government under Article 162 of the Constitution in contravention of the Rules.’
The Apex Court has made a clear distinction between illegal and irregular appointments and has observed that in case of irregular appointments(not illegal appointments) , where duly qualified persons in duly sanctioned vacant posts might have been made , the Government may take steps to regularize as a one time measure the services of such irregularly appointed persons who have worked for ten years or more without the intervention of orders of courts or tribunals.” If such appointment is in infraction of the rules or if it is in violation of the provisions of the Constitution, illegality cannot be regularized. Accordingly , DOP&T vide O.M 11th December 2006 had advised Secretaries of all Ministries including I&B to strictly adhere to the directions and law laid down by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. The DoP&T Order and extracts of the judgment of the Apex Court are annexed as Annexure G and Annexure H and are duly highlighted for convenience.
(vii) . It is strange that even this Apex Court directions are ignored and as on date All India Radio and Doordarshan have an inconceivable situation wherein those recruited by the constitutional provisions of Art 309 by the UPSC are being treated as inferior to contract employees and are being made to work under them.

(viii) Though Review DPCs have been directed by Courts from 1982 onwards by the Hon'ble J&K High Court in SWP 1267/91 and by the Principal Bench of CAT in O.A. No.399/2001 and 2343/2001 , instead of using the opportunity for correcting the wrongdoings there is a systematic attempt to protect the illegal appointees by some officers of the department . As stated above review DPCs directed by the courts have been stalled for years on flimsy and false grounds and seniority/ eligibility lists have been tampered with and manufactured outside the purview of the Recruitment Rules to allow the illegal beneficiaries to retain the fruits and also to perpetuate the wrongdoings.
(ix) While stalling the base level review DPC ordered by the courts, regular DPCs were done for the levels STS to SAG to further regularise such irregularities . These officers are in league with the beneficiaries of this wanton flouting of rules and who by virtue of holding very senior positions within the organisations are able to influence and manipulate decisions. It will be pertinent to mention here that since the Hon'ble Courts have struck down all the promotions held from 1982 and ordered review of all DPCs, those who are being allowed to continue in the positions by thwarting the conduct of review DPCs have no legal locus standi
(viii) The directions of the Hon'ble J&K High Court in SWP 1267/91 upheld by the Hon'ble Apex court that the contractual service of the staff artists can not be reckoned for the purpose of seniority while ordering review DPC in the programme cadre of AIR and Doordarshan from 1982 onwards is also being flouted . (Annexure I)

(x) This continued situation has resulted in a widespread disaffection and brewing discontent among the UPSC recruited officers all through the length and breadth of the country who feel slighted and humiliated at having to take orders and work under illegal officers who have no standing as per RRs and the law of the land . They are also expressing their anguished and frustrated reluctance to undertake programme production , when production posts in the IBPS are being denied to them for the last 18 years inspite of RRs and favourable court orders.
(xi) All these are also affecting the fabric and morale of the service and impacting the output of the organisation.

This Association understands and appreciates that you have been making sincere efforts at reestablishing rule of law in the organisation. In view of this, we look up to your kind self with high hopes and make a fervent appeal for your kind and immediate personal intervention so that the illegalities are corrected at once and the law of the land is respected and as a first step those who have been interpolated in the programme cadre and are occupying senior positions should be immediately removed. This may kindly be treated as an SOS on behalf of hundreds of direct recruit programme officers working in the nook and corner of the country whose confidence in the system is badly bruised and need to be restored immediately for the good of the organisation.

We shall be highly obliged, if you would kindly spare some of your valuable time and grant a personal meeting at your earliest convenience which will enable a delegation of UPSC recruited officers to personally explain and clarify the whole gamut of issues.

With kind regards

Yours Sincerely,

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S.No. Sri/Smt Name UPSC Batch Date of joining as UPSC recruitee Presentpost Station/Place Mobile Phone/s e-mail address

1. Sri Gopalakrishna, Dr.P.S. 1976 16.11.1977 SD AIR, HYDERABAD 9440404561 040-23230094 (O)

2. Sri Madhusudana Rao, Dr.P. 19791991 198013.03.1992As ASD SD DDK, Hyderabad 9440792979 04-27038651

3. Sri Raja Rao, P. 1979 01.10.1980 Dy Dir RTI(P), Hyderabad 9440765444 040-23235753 palakarajarao@gmail.com

4. Smt. Vedavathi, P. 1979 30.08.1980 SD AIR, Visakhapatnam 9440188794 0891-2565550 vedaparayaga@yahoo.co.in

5. Sri Aditya Prasad, MSS 1979 19.09.1980 SD AIR, Vijayawada 9441200362 0866-2433237 prasad.aditya@rediffmail.com

6. Smt Sakuntala, J. 1983 04.09.1984 ASD DDK, Hyderabad 9848268364 040-23832611

7. Sri Babu Rao, N. 1983 01.06.1984 ASD AIR, CBS, Hyderabad 9440404563 040-23315556

8. Smt Krishna Kumari, M. 1983 05.07.1984 ASD AIR, Vijayawada - 0866-2476551 ext 218 or 219 mkrishnakumari@rediffmail.com

9. Smt Nagapadmini, P. 1986 20.05.1988 PEX DDK, Hyderabad 9866990322 040-64561966 puttparthipadmini@gmail.com

10. Smt Vijaya, Dr. K. 1986 05.01.1989 PEX AIR, Hyderabad 9949235949 040- 23318061

11. Sri Udaya Sankar, V 1986 03.10.1988 PEX AIR, Hyderabad 9441470370 -- vishnubhatlas@hotmail

12. Sri Malleswara Rao, A. 1986 14.09.1988 PEX AIR. Tirupati 9491240400, 0877-2240400 amr.airtpt@gmail.com

13. Sri Ramachandra Rao, R. 1986 14.09.1988 PEX DDK, Hyderabad 9490751901 040-24222979 Rrrao2004@yahoo.co.in

14. Sri Kumar, Dr. S. 1986 15.02.1989 PEX AIR, Cuddapah 9441493277

15. Sri Hanumanata Rao, N.V. 1988 24.10.1991 PEX DDK, Hyderabad 9440890540 040-23518325 raonvh@yahoo.co.in

16. Smt Rajasekhar, V. 1988 17.07.1991 PEX DDK, Hyderabad 984999705 040-27037111

17. Sri Athiaman, P 1988 05.10.1991 PEX AIR, Tirupati 9443627213

18. Smt Usha Rani 1988 06.05.1991 PEX AIR, Warangal 9440163100 040-24545780 usharani_rs@yahoo.co.in

19. Smt Prasanna, Dr.B.D.L. 1988 06.12.1991 PEX RTI(P), Hyderabad 9948758856 040-24034862 prsannaair@yahoo.com

20. Sri Parvateesam, V. 1988 14.06.1991 PEX DDK, Hyderabad 9440031213 040-27030292 voletyparvateesam@yahoo.co.in

21. Sri Ramanamurty, R.V. 1988 14.06.1991 PEX AIR, Ananatapur 9440798301, 08554-22920

22. Smt Sailaja (Murthy)Rao, J. (C) 1988 19.08.1991 PEX AIR, Hyderabad 9440404559, 040-24556326 jjsrao@yahoo.co.in

23. Sri Giri Rao, S. 1988 29.08.1991 PEX DDK, Hyderabad 9849202427 040-24552427 girirao@yahoo.co.in

24. Sri Satyanarayana, P.C.V. 1988 10.05.1991 PEX AIR, Hyderabad

25. Sri Sumanaspati Reddy 1988 10.05.1991 PEX AIR, Hyderabad 9441239802 040-24066177 (R) sumanaspati@yahoo.com

26. Smt Vasumati Devi Sarma 1988 10.05.1991 PEX AIR, Nizamabad 9441420982 08462-245701 msrikantt@gmail.com

27. Smt Padmavathi, K. 1988 10.06.1991 PEX Regional Archives (S), Hyderabad 9849202732 040-2321068804-27037436 padmakotamraju@gmail.com

28. Sri Kameswara Rao, R. 1988 18.10.1991 PEX AIR, Visakhapatnam 9440188694

29. Smt. Rani, V.V. 1988 19.10.1991 PEX AIR, Visakhapatnam 9347118742

30. Sri Venugopal, N. 1988 11.04.1991 PEX AIR, Hyderabad 9440732392 040-27761057 venu_nagasuri@yahoo.co.in

31. Sri Jayapal Reddy. Ch. 1988 19.12.1991 PEX AIR, Warangal 9849208080

32. Sri Wilson Herald 1988 19.12.1991 PEX AIR, Warangal wilsonherald5@rediffmail.com

33. Sri Satyanarayana Murthy, K. 1988 05.08.1993 PEX AIR, Visakhapatnam 9440187777

34. Sri Butchi Raju, Y. 1988 14.02.1994 PEX Marketing Division, Hyderabad. 9849039569 - butchirajuyerramilli@rediffmail.com

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Latest News

:Dear All, This letter is to update you on some recent developments and also to specifically thank f our people who have been taking an active interest to mobilise support and spread awareness on our efforts to ensure speedy conduct of review dpc as per statutory rules and favourable court verdicts. In this connection, we would like to specially mention efforts being taken by Sh. Anoop Khajuria, PEX in Delhi, Shri V.K Sambyal, ASD in Delhi , Sajal Maiti, Linda Mukherji and Shriniwas Sharma in Kolkotta , Tamil Vanan who cordinated Pondicherry, Smt Latha Raju who is supporting the case efforts in Chennai , Our friends in Kerala like Jyotish Kumar , Shri Sachidanad Singh , ASD in Itanagar who is playing a key role in the NorthEast with support from Shri Sanjeev Borthakur and Atanu Saikia and Sh. Humayun Kaiser and others in J&K. . Our special thanks are due to Sh. Raja Rao and his team for efforts that they have been taking to revitalise AUPO's Andhra Pradesh Unit. On behalf of the Central Coordinating Committee of AUPO, I would like to place on record our thanks for the same.Meanwhile a blog has also been created by one of our colleagues. The blog can b accessed at www.aupotripod.blogspot.com. It will help all of us to exchange our views on important issues. As conveyed to some of you earlier , I had spoken to CEO and briefed him about the injustice being faced by UPSC programme officers and he had offered to give me time to sit with him along with documents. However, I had requested that AUPO would be giving him a formal representation and a delegation of our UPSC recruited programme offfcers would be meeting him. He has promised to grant us time for this and was also very positive stating "Tell your friends that they have a friend in me and that I have a penchant for justice ".We hope that he will be able to help resolve this long standing injustice . As you know the PSWA is also actively and strongly supporting AUPO's efforts for justice . Our fight has been greatley strengthened because of critical documents obtained through RTI and other sources by Shri Pramod Mehtaa , President of the PSWA. It is primarily because of his effort that the critical and crucial cut off date establishing that those staff artists who entered on contract after 28-2-1982 have no place in the regular programme cadre was first brought to the fore.As of today it is becoming increasingly important that none of UPSC programme officers continue to be with the PSA,. The presence of UPSC recruits in the PSA , has not been able to give us any benefit so far. On the contrary it only gives them the legitimacy to wrongly represent issues concerning direct recruit UPSC officers and this is sadly preventing the joint efforts of PSWA and AUPO to resolve the issue strictly on the basis of statutory recruitment rules and court judgments .I shall be mailing you a copy of our representation to CEO as soon as it is finalised.Presently , in the South we have good cordination thanks to Tamil Vanan in Pondicherry , Smt Latha Raju , Shri Murugan in Tamil Nadu , Jyotish , Unnikrishnan Unnithan and others in Kerala . However, I find awareness is not very strong in Karnataka . . I would request Sh. Raja Rao to act as the Zonal Coordinator for the South and take special efforts for Karnataka and also Orissa , an area where he has served for several years . Hrushikesh Panigrahi , an 88 batch Pex is presently with the MOS of the Ministry of Rural Development in Delhi.While his efforts are on from Delhi, as I understand from Amlan support for coordination can be sought from Smt Sudha Mishra,DDP of STIP Bhubaneshwar and Dr H.K. Panda , ASD Behrampur. Similarly ,iIn Karnataka Sh Belaki, ASD and Smt Saraswathi, ASD could be of support. I will also request Sh. Bharatidhiri, ASD in DD Directorate to support Sh. Raja Rao's efforts in Karnataka as he comes from Karnataka.I have already discussed with Sh Bharathadhiri the need to energise UPSC programme officers in Karnataka. In Gujarat, I would request Smt Rupa Mehta to take responsibility for coordination in Gujarat, and Dr Sailesh Shrivastav for Bombay/Maharashtra.In Bihar and UP we have a lot of our people . Shri P.K. Jha should take the lead from Patna and also coordinate Jharkhand. In U.P , we would request Dr Tahseen Abassi, D.S. Chauhan and Dr Ajit Chaturvedi to work as a team as it is a very big state. It is important that in every state UPSC Programme Officers are organised,so that we can ensure now and in the future that our interests are protected. It is important that we have the statewise contact list , telephone numbers and email details of each and every one of the UPSC recruits. Sh. Raja Rao has created a useful format for collecting the details in Andhra Pradesh. I am enclosing the format for replication in other states.Our Members can be told that contributions to AUPO for our legal battle can be made directly to the AUPO bank account . Please circulate AUPO bank name and number to all our UPSC recruits who may send the sum of Rs 5000/ (five thousand only)for our legal efforts individually or in groups directly to the bank account.We may be informed details of money sent through email. All Payments done by AUPO such as to Lawyers etc are done only through cheques to ensure transparency. Details of Bank records are given below. Name: "Association of UPSC recruited Programme Officers of AIR &DD". (DO NOT WRITE AUPO . Write the full name of the Association. ) Bank Account No : S.B A/c . 601610100045188Bank Name: Bank of India, Parliament Street, New Delhi.regardsJose Jude Mathew

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Wrong sr.list given by directorate for dpc

For viewing the wrong seniority list visit the following link:


Dear All, I am enclosing a copy of the combined eligibility list of pex and producer prepared by DG:AIR to undertake review DPC to JTS of IBPS. The list was received by us due to the court order in our contempt case. Please note that contractual staff artists who became government servant on 6.3.1982 have been given seniority based on their contractual date of joining . Also note that even contractual staff artists of 1985 is placed over UPSC Pexs of 1980. Those staff artists who entered the system after 6.3.82 should not be on our list at all. A scheme was created to regularise them only in 1993 and hence they are junior even to 1991 upsc pexs . I understand that there is a lot of misinformation that AUPO along with PSWA is trying to block the review dpc.AUPO has been fightring hard to get the review dpc done. Our contempt is to get the review dpc done . Please check enclosed list to understand why we are protesting and why everyone all over the country should wake up and use their influence /sources to ensure justice as per our recruitment rules and court judgments.The list also contains many promotee PEXs of 18.4.83 who were Trexs in July 1988 . While there were only 7 vacancies , 150 persons had been wrongly promoted ..., some of these persons are also in this list .even though corrections were made by the Dept during the course of our contempt case. regardsJose