Friday, July 15, 2011


Please go through the letter dated 9th March, 2011,written by President, PSA to the Secretary, UPSC.

Court directing UPSC to verify and rectify anomalies(if, any) in the Seniority List prepared by the Department for conducting Review DPC from PEXes to JTS Cadre.

Refer latest combined Seniority List of PEXes.  More than hundred 1980 PEXes remain Ad.hoc ASDs whereas Staff Artists joined as late as in 1984 are regular DDPs/EPs and in some cases even DDGs.

PSA represents regular PEXes both direct recruits and promotees !  If so, why there is not a single argument in favour of properly appointed, regular Programme Executives ?  Why the Association Leadership vehemently argue for Staff Artists recruited after the cut off year, ie. 1982, when hundreds of its members appointed through proper channel are stagnating for almost three decades...?????

The Hon'ble Court had instructed a constitutional body, UPSC, to verify the seniority list and conduct Review DPC.  They, after verifying all relevant, authentic documents have given comments...(see below)
For Gods' sake please do not interfere and delay the due process of Law, if you, as claimed, genuinely stand for the welfare of your members.

(To read the letter written by President, PSA to the Secretary UPSC,use the following link)