Thursday, January 28, 2010


Height of neglect and apathy towards direct PEXs



This is to register our strong protest against the discriminatory and illogical MACP order dated Jan.20, 2010 issued by the AIR D’te.Whereas the eligibility list of Programme Executive cadre for MACP published by the D’te itself a few weeks back, notified 1145 names, only 147 numbers were cleared as per the order referred to. This kind of selective felling and clearing will obviously open up vast opportunities for corruption. The details indicated in the said order is also full of glaring omissions, mistakes, offering undue benefits in some cases and showing the incumbents’ date of joining as TREX ,to appear as if it were the date of joining in regular PEX cadre.

None of the direct PEXs in Kerala figures in the list and their juniors who joined in the feeder category of TREX, on the same period or later have been sanctioned 2-3 up gradations from their present, in spite of getting the benefit of promotion. For Grade pay, direct PEXs with 20-25 years, yet to get a single promotion, have been equated with a TREX of similar period of service. As a result, when a direct PEX joined in 1988 and a TREX of the same year have to go on tour, the TREX can travel by air and is entitled for a hotel rate of Rs.1500/- whereas the senior is not entitled to fly and is eligible only for a hotel rate of Rs.500/-.This,besides injustice come in the way of discharging ones’ official duty.

As this is humiliating and adding insult to injury, the Kerala state unit of the Association of UPSC recruited programme officers of AIR and DD urge your good self to examine the case and issue revised orders including all eligible Programme Executives, immediately, failing which we may be forced to go by the sentiments expressed by all our members in AIR and DD units all over Kerala to stop work .

Sincerely yours,

K.Jyothish Kumar
Kerala State Co-ordinator, AUPO

The Secretary, Information &Broadcasting, Govt.of India



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DG:DD 011-23385843

CEO,PB 011-23352549

Member(Personnel) 011-23737606
Prasar Bharati Board

TheSecretary 011-23383513
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jose said...

While we are all clear about what the DOPT's MACP order says, the AUPO protest relates to how DG,AIR's order subverts the DOPT order.

The covering letter of the DGAIR MACP order for 147 Pexs clearly states that the ORDER IS FOR PEXS and upgradations are based on 10, 20, and 30 years of service.

The DG AIR MACP list then indicates in two columns
a) date of joining and
b) No of upgradations.

Everyone on the list is a Pex (according to the covering letter). There is however no indication whether a person joined as a Trex or as a Pex.

This is further complicated as one upgradation is shown against the handful of direct recruit PEX of 1991 on the list, while 2 upgradations are indicated
against about a hundred odd Trexs of 1988 (Panigrahi etc) .

In the first place, Trexs and Pexs should not have been put in the same list .If they are on the same list, it had to be strictly as per the Pexs seniority list.

In the case of a Trex who has received one promotion it should have been indicated that the person has already got one promotion (to the grade of Pex) and is eligible for 1 uppgradation. 2 upgradations cannot be shown against some one who has already received one promotion like Panigrahi ( and that too while interspersing his name with that of direct recruit pexs.)

The MACP list in its present form is one of these weird lists issued by DG AIR . It is a deliberately selective list . The manner in which it has been issued without considering the senior unpromoted Pexs on the seniority list is plainly illegal.

In all other departments of the Government , the MACP is issued on the basis of the seniority list. It cannot be issued in a pick and chose manner as has been done here.

As a result of this irregular and selective MACP order , a Pex of 1982, 1983 and 1984 serving without a single promotion for over 25 years - (Devika Moktan, RC Gopal, Vimalasenan Nair, Subramanium, Amlan Majumdar etc get a grade pay of 5400 as they are ad hoc ASDs. Since they have not been granted MACP, their grade pay will be the same as that of a Trex of 1988 . i.e 5400.

The Pexs of 1988 (250 odd persons with 22 years service ) and those who joined in 1991 ( another 250 persons) continue on the grade pay 4800.

As the AUPO protest letter indicates, because of this irregular MACP order, if today a 1988/1991 Pex goes on tour with a 1988 Trex, the direct recruit Pexs will be eligible only for a room rent of Rs 500 whereas a Trex of 1988 will get Rs 1500.

The DR Pex of 1988 will travel by train, while the Trex who joined in the same year(1988) will be elgible to travel by AIR.
The same goes for Government housing and other facilities .

While every eligible person should get its due, it cannot be clearly done in this fashion.

This whimsical list has been issued so that individuals will approach DG AIR staff or the PSA and plead to get their names on the next batch of persons who are cleared.

Such a list based on PICK and CHOSE also gives amble scope for CORRUPTION and needs to be protested country wide . DG AIR has to follow the practice of all other Government departments.

Not finding our CRs is not an excuse. Those who are the custodians of our CRs must explain where our CRs are.

It is also being wrongly suggested that the CRs of the seniors have been sent to the Ministry for the review DPC. This is a blatant lie, because not even one direct recruit of 1988/1991 is on the list of persons who have been included in the review DPC list.

A MACP in this disgraceful fashion, is one more slap on the face of the direct recruit Pexs by the PSA in connivance with the administration. The present PSA leadership have already worked hand in hand with the administration to ensure that contractual service of Producers/Science Officers are treated as regular service.
There is a limit to the lies and nonsense.