Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear All,

Please find attached the proforma for UPSC Pexs (AUPO members) . We need to consolidate the country wide data of AUPO Members/State wise. As soon as these details are compiled (for the whole country) , we can finalise the date for the National Convention/National Coordination meeting at Delhi.

A brief extract from the proforma will also be utilised for publishing in our souvenir/ updating our AUPO website/blog.
This data would also be crucial for updating/revising electoral roll /membership records of AUPO .

A lot of members who have resigned from the PSA are still being shown as members of the PSA in their electoral roll and this needs to be sorted out .

The data can include an additional list of AUPO members who have either retired or have taken voluntary retirement. (eg.Dr. Sajad Rizvi who is now with IGNOU, Dr. G.R. Syed, with Jamia, Sh. Sajan Venniyoor, Sh. D. Chandran etc)

Filled proforma along with photo may please be sent to Convenor, AUPO, Sh. L.S. Bajpai, 82, Broadcasting House, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. On top of the cover please mention Proforma (AUPO).

An additional copy may be sent to Sh. P. Raja Rao, South Zone Coordinator, AUPO and Dy. Director, Regional Training Institute, All India Radio ,Hyderabad. (ph. 09440765444). This will help AUPO to ensure that duplicate sets are available in two parts of the country.

We would request each of you on this mailing list to take an active role in this and circulate it to as many of our members as possible. State coordinators/unit coordinators need help/support in the circulation of this proforma , so that information of all AUPO members can be collected at the earliest.

A copy of the filled proforma should also be kept locally by the respective members.


Details of UPSC recruited Programme Officers (AUPO members) for compilation in Souvenir


2. Present Designation:- (Pex/ASD /SD etc) :

3. Discipline for which originally selected by UPSC:

4. Year of Selection by UPSC (Indicate batch) 5.Year of Joining in the grade Programme Executive :

6. Initial Station of Posting:

7. Present Station/Kendra where posted:

8. Other Stations served:-

9. Address for communication:

10. Contact Phone Nos. Res:

11. Mobile No:-

12:-E mail:-

13:Current Job Profile/responsibilities:

14: Areas of Specialization/ Experience/Interests in professional broadcasting career :

15. Educational Qualifications:-
Course/Degree Institute Year of Passing

16. Major Achievements:

17. Awards/ Fellowships / Letters of Appreciation etc:

18. Recognition if any, in areas other than Broadcasting:

Name of Member:
Note: A Photograph to be enclosed. In case of non digital photos, please write name and designation on the reverse side of the photo.

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