Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comment on Clarification regarding March 17th casual leave

Dear all,

Find a valid point in what Jose and Pramod say.Prasarbharati repeal implies so many things some people leave behind for convenience or due to shortsight.Be open,discuss,debate and analyse properly before jumping to conclusions. There are quite alot in PB that takes care of the nation's needs,professional media standards,working environment and ofcourse the funding and service conditions of employees.We will also get many posts(Media production units) in ministries and departments at differant levels as cadre posts.PB has not been allowed to come into full swing and i think it is high time for the well informed media practitioners,opinion leaders and all other stakeholders to deliberate on the issue.It's something to be addressed to the nation's conscience,the country's parliament and should not be left to a few employee associations with limited vision and own agenda.

In Kerala,AUPO members stand by the directive from Central office in letter and spirit.

K.Jyothish kumar

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