Friday, August 7, 2009


Dear All,

Today was a good day.
It was our day at last.
To tell you frankly, we were very anxious .
The contempt matter was supposed to come up in the morning. Eventually all cases were heard except ours.
Ours was the only case in the afternoon.

The Government tried to establish that our objections to the eligibility list was beyond the original judgment - which was to undertake a review DPC to the IBPS by giving Programme Executives the options for production posts also.

Our Senior Lawyer gave a brilliant performance today.
He was able to successfully establish that the judgment said that the review DPC is to be done as per service rules.
The service rules say eligibility list has to be prepared on the basis of three years of regular service.
The eligibility list prepared by the department was full of errors. It showed hundreds of ineligible contractual persons whose date of entry into contractual service was shown as regular service.

We also pointed out how 101 ineligible persons rejected by UPSC in 1986 were now in the list and that too above 1977 UPSC recruited Pexs.

Our lawyer spoke of the agony of our persons who were retiring without promotions.
The financial losses, the pressures in terms of family.. etc..

Our lawyer said we were willing to withdraw the contempt if the Dept was able to show us legal regularisation orders of the ineligible people.

The Judges finally said that they will issue an order on Monday asking the Department to file an affidavit stating that the persons included in the list are all as per rules.

The Dept is in a tight position now. Their lawyers and the administrative staff are looking decidedly unhappy.
We are elated of course.
Let us wait for the courts order which we will hopefully receive by Monday evening.

Meanwhile, our efforts with the MPs and VIPs must continue.
We cannot afford to relax.
Stopping for now.
More in next.


Oh just wanted to add two important things .
Our Lawyer was ably supported by Pramod Mehta's lawyer too.
We also as applicants added our two bit worth to add strength to what the lawyers had to say.

And today , we had quite a lot of our people in court.
That makes a difference.
Seeing a large group of affected people has an impact on the judges too. The energy contributed is vital too.


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