Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear All,

Yes indeed we were lucky to get hold of Sh.Rajappa. We desperately needed a good, strong service lawyer with the temperament to push our point through.

AUPO and PSWA were strategising together on how to handle the issue. The PSWA President, Pramod Mehta took us to Sh. Rajappa. Pramod had been following his performance in CAT and recommended that it was his conviction that Sh. Rajappa was a suitable choice for us.

PSWA's Lawyer Sh. M.K.Bharadwaj is also a sharp and astute lawyer , who is respected by the CAT Bench.

With Rajappa and Bharadwaj working together , and supporting each other, the synergy was apparent.

The evidence they were able to show in court was strong. The advocates did a very good job. They got assistance and support from Amlan,Pramod and myself .

Our people were there to support us with their physical presence in court. This also gives the lawyers emotional strength too.
The support and encouragement that we have got form all of you have helped us to go on.

Above all God was kind to us.
But this battle is by no way over.
So we cannot afford to let our guard down....

Jose Mathew

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Rashmi said...

Dear friends,

I'm pleased to inform you that 100%of the AUPO members of AIR Allhabad have signed and sent the modified telegrams to UPSC yesterday. I'd request you to pl.include my mail ID in your mailing list.

Heard of the encouraging news about the court's order.

The Allahabad unit is thankful to
Mr. Rajappa and Mr. Bharadwaj.

The fight begins now....


Rashmi Choudhary,