Monday, April 27, 2009

Parliamentary Committee on Working Women in Prasar Bharati"

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some of you may be aware one of the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Committee on Working Condition of Women Employees of Prasarbharathi. The relevant portion is:-
Recommendation No. 6
Status of promotions in AIR and Doordarshan

58. With regard to promotions in All India Radio and Doordarshan, it is disheartening to note that some categories of employees, especially the UPSC recruited Programme Executives, have been found languishing in the same post without a single promotion for over 20 years. Promotions in higher grades too have been delayed for years. This is, perhaps, something unheard of in a Government set up. The Committee are not satisfied with the reply of the Government that the root cause of the problem is court cases, stays etc. During their study visits, the Committee have been informed that there is acute stagnation in the engineering and administration cadres also. It has been brought to the notice of the Committee that promotional avenues are not opened to Assistant Engineers (Diploma holders) and they have been stagnating for over 20 years. The Committee are extremely disappointed about the sorry state of affairs in the organisation which has hampered the career prospects of a large number of talented people in it. At the same time a ray of hope is seen in the recent promotions in some grades and the proposals made for convening DPCs. The Committee recommend that special efforts should be made to finalise promotions in all grades at the earliest. The Committee feel that women employees are discriminated against in terms of their promotions and hence recommend that their claims should be adequately addressed at the time of finalising promotions. Constitutional provisions for reservation should also be followed in promotions. They also desire that the Prasar Bharati should work out proper and adequate promotional avenues for the Diploma Engineers in the organisation.

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