Saturday, April 20, 2013


In a major blow to the Staff artists and the PSA  ,  the Supreme Court  on Thursday April 18th   dismissed an IA filed  by  erstwhile contractual Staff Artists to prevent the UPSC from    conducting  review DPC as per rules  (from 1990 onwards)  stating that their  plea had no merit. The Supreme Court also directed that the  UPSC  may  go ahead with the review DPC of JTS of the IBPS (on the lines planned by the UPSC) .

On behalf of the Staff Artists , Senior Counsel Venkatramani pleaded that  the UPSC was unnecessarily trying to reopen old issues  relating to seniority and eligibility which was no longer  warranted. The Supreme Court refused the  staff artists plea to prevent the UPSC from conducting the review DPC , and instead  directed the UPSC to   go ahead with  the Review DPC .  The review will be subject to the outcome of AUPO's  Ashraf Lone review DPC case pending before the Supreme Court for the earlier period (1982-1989) . Senior Counsel , Colin Gonsalves, appeared for AUPO. The SLP had been filed as an I.A in AUPO's Ashraf Lone review DPC Case. 

Implications of the Supreme Court Order

1. Since the  Supreme Court while dismissing the SLP of the staff artists  states that the argument has no merits, the   Supreme Court order has  effectively negated all   arguments  raised by staff artists in  the SLP  . These are  the same arguments  put forth by  the Ministry of I&B ,  DG:AIR, The  PSA    to repeatedly block the   JTS review DPC case    granting   production posts of IBPS to the Pexs. 

   2.   Those  who have received illegal benefits  and promotions in IBPS Production cadre will have to  be reverted and their places given to  eligible UPSC recruited PEXS  -------( .The UPSC,   after  verification/scrutiny  of  its records has  been repeatedly pointing  out to the Ministry of  I&B and DG:AIR that  many non eligible contractual  persons  have been  wrongly promoted  to the IBPS   at the cost of  eligible UPSC recruited Programme Executives)

3. Undue seniority  given to  the contractual staff artists so far   by treating contractual service as regular service would also have to be rectified ------------. UPSC had  repeatedly pointed out  that    staff artists were being given undue benefits/seniority by wrongly preparing  eligibility lists  showing contractual service of staff artists as  regular service in the grade of Programme Executive  in violation of rules and the Ashraf Lone J&K High Court judgment upheld by the Supreme Court ------.

4. Removal of illegal entrants  from  the programme executive cadre  who do not figure in upsc  screening records----------------. Only those who had been screened and found suitable  by UPSC  can  figure in the eligibility lists as per rules and as per specific  directions of the Supreme Court in the Satish Chandra Mathur judgment.    UPSC has desired that all those who were not screened by UPSC will have to be removed from the eligibility lists .  

4. The  Supreme Court direction  ensures that the Ministry/Department cannot hold up the  JTS  of IBPS review DPC ordered by  CAT nine years ago on 26.3.2004 - any longer. 

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Rangeeley Thakur said...

great victory for the upsc recruits who were deprived of any promotion for the last more than 20 yrs.
its all aupo's efforts ( amlan majumdar. jose mathews and pswa'a pramod mehta.
great victory