Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear All,

A lot has been said about Indian crab mentality whereby we climb on each other to reach the top, in the process pulling others down. What we excel in is also our ability to CLAW others in the process.
The attitude and stance of PEXs and ASDs across the board only speaks of such behaviour. We call ourselves intelligent and creative people, but cannot figure out the destructive tendencies of our detractors to split us and spread bad blood between us.
I have said enough number of times that no one gains by stalling the DPCs. People who voice these false accusations should realise that everyone is interested in promotions as they are long overdue. Why would people like Jose, Amlan, Pramod Mehta or Sachidanand Singh stymie the process when they have put all their energies and precious time, not to speak of money to bring to light all the errors of the past and get them rectified. People, for their selfish reasons want to believe the rumours that AUPO is opposing the DPC as such people want their own promotions in a hurry whether the list is rectified or not and other 'interlopers' supercede us or not. Their interest is not beyond their own selfish motive. In any 'agitation'/movement, matters that are broader and general are taken up to undo the wrongs of the system. But such selfish people have neither ethics nor courage to stand up for others. They can only remain in the background and complain about the 'delays' and 'divisions'.
If anyone is unhappy about the progress or the direction, one is free to always file a separate complaint in court. What is preventying them. Dont people know that Sachidanandji filed the case of denying production posts to PEXs as an individual. So did Pramodji on several cases or Jose and Amlan on Ashraf Lone case etc. One has to come forward and show the courage, conviction and temerity to expose the wrongs in the dept and not just end up whining that nothings happenning. Yes, i agree our opinions and approaches differ always. But if i'm not satisfied with the way things are going, then i should atleast take a lead by filing a case rather than bring others down. If i dont do it, then my approach would be to let others do something and wait for the benefits.
As we all agreed, AUPO does not have leaders. Everyone is equal and vested with the authority to take their own decision/action. Can we have a better democracy anywhere? So whats the complaint of people. What is stopping them from going ahead with knocking on the doors of courts for reasons they think AUPO is not concentrating.
I had many discussions in the past with Jose on many such issues on whether i can go to court on different issues. Jose was helpful with the background information and papers and also advised me about the approach. Recently, as a fallout of such grumblings which was conveyed to Jose, he readily sent all the required documents of the previous court orders and many related matters which are of immense help to 82/83 batch people. In spite of getting these papers, if the concerned officers cannot take a small walk to the nearest CAT, they have no right to blame poeple already engrossed in pursuing the other cases. If i were in their position, i would give up after hearing the constant crtiticism. But those in Delhi are made of more sterner stuff and integrity and conviction which is making them carry on the battle. Let us atleast do our bit. How many have really contributed to AUPO, may i ask?
Lets atleast lend our moral support and solidarity instead of complaining. If somebody disagrees, please come forward and lead the way.
Such people should ask themselves what PSA has done in all these years. They have waited for over 20 years for promotion as PSA has done nothing to get the dept to hold the DPCs annually. Ours is the only cadre for whom DPCs are not held annually. Even engineering cadre has annual DPCs. All PSA has done over the years was to promote their own cronies out of turn.The many other failings of PSA are --putting a ban on direct recruitment. Otherwise all of us would have become SDs through this channel years ago. The enhancement of basic from 1400 to 2000 in 96 exclusively benefitted the promotees. Why wasnt the PEXs scale enhanced to 2200. How can two unequal cadres draw the same scale. Didnt DRs lose as a result which was rectified by AUPO. The recent 'largess' to TREXs again wherein they got a double benefit from 4200 to 4600 prior to MACP and after MACP another raise to 4800. Why are PEXs denied this. The PSA bosses told me in Delhi that PExs scale would be raised from 4800 to 5400 on par with other central govt depts which never happened. When i asked Sanjay Srivastav for the reasons for delay in 2009, he said "PExs are going to get 5400 in any case because of MACP". I told him that we should be getting both these benefits, as one is part of VIth pay commissions and the other due to stagnation, he argued saying one cannot get two financial benefits in 10 years. If he is listening can he explain why TREXs got this benefit. Besides, how did only TREXs get promotion in 2009 when promotions a;ways take place from top to bottom and not the reverse.
If people can make sense of this and find answers in the deep recesses of their own hearts and minds, even if they do not want to say it aloud, you have been true to yourself.
I request everyone to stay united till our charter of demands are met in totality.

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