Monday, May 4, 2009


The President
P.S.A (The Programme Staff Association of AIR&D00rdarshan)
Room No: 404, T&PES
Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street,

Letter of resignation from PSA

Dear Shri Sanjay Sreevastav,

It is distressing that the PSA has been persistently contributing to ignoring, circumventing and violating the statutory recruitment rules . stance on many vital issues has not only adversely affected the UPSC recruited officers of AIR and DD and blocked our promotions for 20 to 25 years, but has also during your tenure led to the illegal regularization of contractual persons at higher grades , even though many of them are not covered by the statutory rules and are due to be reverted in the pending review DPC to the IBPS.
The role of the PSA as an association has led to a grave situation unheard of in any Department/Ministry of the Government of India. Senior programme officers recruited through constitutional norms of the UPSC through pre amended rules of 1962 , have not received a single regular promotion so far! They shockingly serve under persons engaged on contract and were regularized as government servants and encadered by the amended recruitment rules of 1984!! Pexs from 1982 to 1991 batches also serve under contractual persons who were illegally inducted into programme cadre , who are even on date not covered by the recruitment rules.
It has also been brought to our notice that the PSA is taking different stances regarding the contractual service rendered by Producers and Production Assistants as staff artists .
a) The PSA suggests that contractual service of Producers and Science Officers rendered prior to their regularization as Government servant on 6.3.1982 can be taken into account for purposes of promotion ( though this is in violation of statutory rules and court judgments). As regards Contractual Producers who were engaged on renewable monthly contracts after the statutory cut off date of 28-2-1982 , stipulated in the statutory rules, the PSA is trying to justify that their contractual service may be treated as regular service right from the first day they entered the system on contract.
b) However, in case of Production Assistants, the PSA is clear that as per statutory rules and court judgments the contractual service is not applicable and cannot be taken in to account.

Many of the direct recruit Pexs have stayed with the PSA so far and tried our best to resolve issues from within its fold. We have tried to ignore the many lapses of the PSA including the unpardonable lapse of stating that Pexs are not eligible for Production posts of the IBPS. This matter had to be resolved by AUPO through judicial means and it is unfortunate that the PSA though they were made party to the case , stayed away from the judicial proceedings until AUPO won the case.

A lot of hope had however been placed by the direct recruitees on different PSA leaders including the present leadership. We had hoped that the statutory rules would be followed . Our faith and patience with the PSA has been completely exhausted and I resign my membership in PSA to join AUPO (Association of UPSC recruited officers of AIR&DD). I request that this may be brought to force forthwith and my name removed from the PSA membership roll.
Sincerely Yours

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Copy to : L.S. Vajpai, Convenor, AUPO, 82, Broadcasting House, Akashwani Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi -110001., with the request that I may be included in the AUPO as per norms. I am also willing to undertake any responsibility in the AUPO that may be assigned to me to the best of my ability.

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malini said...

Thank you for the beautifully drafted letter.I am sending this letter of resignation to PSA through post . I have trying since long to join you . Do accept my joining and inform me of the same
Thanking you ,
Malini Mukherjee
( joined through UPSC in 1988)

AUPO said...

Well done Malini...hope all UPSC direct recruited officers will be convinced like Malini & will follow suit....

Sajan said...

This is long overdue. A life-time member of PSA, I would nevertheless have happily endorsed and signed this letter, had I not quit Prasar Bharati in disgust some months ago.

It can be said of PSA, as Joseph Surface said about Mrs. Candour, that whenever I hear the current running against the fortunes of my friends, I never think them in such danger as when PSA undertakes their defence.

Bharat said...

Dear Jose,
Sure I will send my resignation to PSA.