Friday, February 13, 2009


Dear All, I am enclosing a copy of the combined eligibility list of pex and producer prepared by DG:AIR to undertake review DPC to JTS of IBPS. The list was received by us due to the court order in our contempt case. Please note that contractual staff artists who became government servant on 6.3.1982 have been given seniority based on their contractual date of joining . Also note that even contractual staff artists of 1985 is placed over UPSC Pexs of 1980. Those staff artists who entered the system after 6.3.82 should not be on our list at all. A scheme was created to regularise them only in 1993 and hence they are junior even to 1991 upsc pexs . I understand that there is a lot of misinformation that AUPO along with PSWA is trying to block the review dpc.AUPO has been fightring hard to get the review dpc done. Our contempt is to get the review dpc done . Please check enclosed list to understand why we are protesting and why everyone all over the country should wake up and use their influence /sources to ensure justice as per our recruitment rules and court judgments.The list also contains many promotee PEXs of 18.4.83 who were Trexs in July 1988 . While there were only 7 vacancies , 150 persons had been wrongly promoted ..., some of these persons are also in this list .even though corrections were made by the Dept during the course of our contempt case. regardsJose

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